About Us


In 1956 Allan Reinhard began to farm after graduating from Holmes Liberty High School. After getting married to Jean they began to expand the farm and start their family. They raised corn, soybeans, wheat and hay while feeding pigs and sheep.


In the 1980's Allan began selling DeKalb seed corn and later Asgrow soybeans. Today they sell DeKalb and Asgrow with longtime friend Donovan Scott.


After Allan's passing, Steve and Tim began to assume the farming and seed sales duties. Today the family farm raises corn, soybeans, wheat and purebred Angus cattle. They also sell DeKalb and Asgrow seed. Precision Planting equipment was added to help area farmers place their seed as accurately as possible to increase profits.


The family farm has a goal to raise its crops in a sustainable method to maximize yields and protect the environment. Variable rate technology and satellite guidance is used to apply fertilizer and seed to the different soil types. Over the past several years, the Reinhard Family has grown state winning corn yields.

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